Why Should You Not Consider Submitting Your Research Article To More Than One Journal?

As a student, you will always spend a lot of your time on research. This aspect will help you in enhancing your research, and writing skills as a whole. Apart from this, it will help you in learning what you don’t know. This way, you will produce a good piece of writing. After completing your research article, you will submit it to the journal. You might make a mistake when you send your article to a journal. That might send it to more than one journal, but you should avoid this. You can call this practice a simultaneous submission. This practice is against research ethics, and you should avoid it at all costs. You should also submit your article to a journal and then wait. It might be a frustrating experience for you. But it is better than practising any unethical research practices. Apart from this, submitting your article to one journal is a golden rule of publication.

This article will discuss why you should submit your research article to one journal. It will also discuss why you should not practice this aspect. Apart from this, it will discuss the consequences of multiple submissions. Let’s discuss all these aspects in detail;

Why Should You Not Practice This Aspect?

As mentioned earlier, you should follow the golden rule of publication. Once you submit your research article, you might have to wait for weeks and months. During this time, the editorial team will review your work. It is possible that you might also face rejection after prolonged wait. You can improve your work, and submit it to another journal. You might think why you cannot submit your work to more than one journal. When you do so, you might face several complications. You might receive a confirmation mail from the first journal too. After receiving the confirmation mail, you will withdraw your submission from the others. Apart from this, it will put a big question on your credibility as a researcher.

Reasons as to Why You Should Make Multiple Submissions to Journals:

There are several reasons that can help you understand this aspect of publication. Let’s discuss them in detail;

1. Credibility Concern:

As a researcher, you always have credibility, and a reputation within the society. You earn this reputation when you manage to publish high-quality research articles. You will help your readers in terms of reading unique, and original content. Your audience will trust, and respect you too. This is because of your contribution to the research field. But they will not respect you if they get to know your unethical practices. Your reputation will also get affected if the same research gets published by different journals. This practice will further affect the significance of your research work. These are some of the few reasons that will restrict you regarding the submission of your article to more than one journal.

2. Legal Concerns:

You have to go through legal concerns while submitting your research article to a journal. In this case you will give publication rights to the journal for publication. In some cases, you may get copyrights too, but this is quite rare. When you submit your article, you also give sole rights of distribution. You may face legal actions if your research gets published by different journals. This will be a matter of extreme shame, and embarrassment. There are chances that your research might get rejected by both journals too. In short, this is another reason that will restrict you from multiple submissions of your work.

Consequences of Submitting Your Work to More Than One Journal:

There are several consequences of submitting your work to multiple journals. As mentioned earlier, you might face credibility, and legal actions. Apart from this, your paper will get rejected by both journals. They even might ask you to convert your work into shorter communication domains. This way, both journals will use your work, but again, it will affect your credibility to some degree. One of the major consequences that you can face is losing the trust of your publisher. You might face rejection when you submit your work to him. Apart from this, he will closely examine every aspect of publishing your research. Research paper writing help also published an article in this regard. It stated that it can help you in publishing your research if you face this issue.


In some situations you might submit your work to more than one journal for publication. But you should know that it is against the research ethics. This article discussed this aspect briefly. There are several reasons that will justify this answer. You might face legal action, and your research article might get rejected too. You can even face several other consequences because of this practice. So you should refrain from submitting your article to more than one journal for publication.

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